Piyesa Parts deals with used and brand new JDM (Japan Domestic Market) wheels and car parts. From time to time I do get USDM, AUDM or European parts. 😁

My main market is South East Asia where I am located but don’t be discouraged as I can ship/send worldwide depending on the part that you want. As long as you are willing to pay for shipping then it shouldn’t be an issue. However, I am unable to ship/send bulky parts such as bumpers, side skirts, front and rear lips/skirts, complete engines, seats etc since they are too bulky and sometimes the cost of shipping would be equal or in some instances greater than the cost of the part itself.

Note that not all available parts are shown on this website, I am a one man team and I do have a daily job so it’s hard to keep all channels updated.

If you have anything you are interested in please do not hesitate to message me directly on πŸ”— facebook or message me with πŸ“ž whatsapp. I answer much faster via those channels since I get the message in real time not unless of course if we are on different timezones.